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Bulk Colormates Lip Gloss

This is an unique and classic lip gloss that is valuable for a classic look, the lip gloss is sealed in the brown color and gives a classic look to your lips. This product is for use in the 21 st century and is discontinued.

Bulk Colormates Lip Gloss Ebay

This is a vintage-style lip gloss, this color berries and it is closed with a brown seal. This is a vintage-looking lip gloss in brown, it is sealed in a nip and offers a little bit of salt on it. It is a bit on the heavy side for a gloss, but it will stay in your skin all day long, this is an unique and discontinued lip gloss that is now being sold over the counter at pharmacies. This color is berry brown and is sealed in a nip, it is a light to medium holder and provides a healthy searching gloss. This is a vintage-style lip gloss that is currently available in brown, this product is for yourself and your friends to enjoy the beauty of vintage.