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Diamond Cluster Lip Gloss

This cartilage earring silver barbell is an excellent way for a special someone who is scouring for an unique piece of jewelry, the Cluster of gemstones is a result of dr. Drekulin's latest discovery, and is a first rate match for anyone's ear, this earring is designed to provide music lovers with hearing protectors.

Wet Shine Diamonds Lip Gloss

This is a beautiful, new single origin wet shine diamonds lip gloss, it imparts 3 gem-shaped Cluster earrings from the cartilage earring silver barbell line. The earrings are 18 gt triple crystal cluster, 3 gt gemology helix cartilage earring silver barbell, and a barbell, this product is fabricated of usa. This Diamond Cluster lip gloss is a new series of Diamond Cluster earrings that come with a cartilage earring, this series is special because it is the result of three crystals, or helices, or fields, in the cluster, rather than the more common single crystal cluster. The earrings are also called "silver barbell earrings" because they are made of silver it is a clear to medium light color with an 3 cartilage earring silver barbell design, the Cluster is located within a single diamond, and the Diamond Cluster is thought to increase the quality of the earring. It is a three gem helix cartilage earring silver barbell and is designed to give you beautiful Diamond Cluster faces and colors, it is designed to give you length, fire and movement in your faces.