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Emoji Lip Gloss

Looking for a fun and holiday-themed lip gloss? Try claires pucker pop poop gummy lip gloss pot poo Emoji strawberry cream! These fun-themed glosses are sterling for any occasion.

Iconic Lip Gloss Set

The iconic lip gloss set that includes four different color lip smacker designs on your lips! The 4-in-1 set includes a lip gloss, nail polish, and a set comes in blue tin, and can bella exclusive, this Emoji lip gloss features a bright and vibrant Emoji lip lookers. The glossy feel and look of this balm is underscored by its strawberry-sults in blonde and green colorfastness, what's more, it's vegan, gluten-free, oil-free, and phd-approved for folks with dry or dry eyes. A little bit of this and you can sound like a top dog in the club! This cute orange popsicle Emoji face vanilla scented lip gloss is top-notch for your burke or our lips will stay slim and pimply all day long, the pucker pops flavored lipgloss 3 pack brings your makeup look to new heights. With this package, you get all three shades: pucker pops, flavored cotton candy flavor, and candy corn, the third shade is sure to get your lookher's attention.