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Matte Lip Gloss Set

Introducing the gloss set! This incredible line of liquid lipstick and glitter is dandy for the mirror-based cologne market, each color is named after a certain sector of society with a water-resistant formula. From the to the racket, there's a Set to match any outfit, from the ready-to-go to the we've got you covered. So bring your fashion sense to your lips with the gloss set.

Matt Lip Gloss

The matt lip gloss Set includes 6 natural scouring lip glosses splendid for evening out the look of your skin, our all-new nude colors Matte lipgloss is superb for evening out the look of your skin, and the 6 glosses together create a complete look. Our glosses are straightforward to adopt and Set off your look perfectly, the 6 pcs Matte liquid lipstick is a practical mix of sophisticated and everyday. With a sleek, modern design, this lipstick is enticing for today's chic, the color is a must-have for any look that wants to be cool. This Matte liquid lipstick is top-of-the-line for wear on a high-end dance floor, it contains 3 pcsset ingredients - pepper, sandalwood, and lavender - which all contribute to a glossy, captivating performance. This gloss also this Matte liquid lipstick is an unequaled choice for lovers who desiderate a little bit of color in their look, it features 12 different shades which all become an one-use product. The color is best suited for medium to high liters, however, for long use, it will last around 8-10 hours.