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Philosophy Birthday Cake Lip Gloss

Philosophy Cake gloss is a best-in-class alternative to celebrate your special occasion - with all the flavors you deserve! This lip gloss is packed with colors that will help you show your friends and family that you're products are for love! Be different each day of your birthday, and show everyone that you're passionate about Philosophy and its meanings behind each and every step.

Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Lip Gloss

This Philosophy vanilla Birthday Cake lip gloss is a high-end lip gloss that provides a bright, intense and long-lasting color on the lips, it is manufactured out of an unique high-quality materials that make it top grade for the most special moments in someone's life. Philosophy Birthday Cake lip gloss is a top-of-the-heap surrogate to celebrate the holiday season, this beautiful Cake lookup comes with m solar gel which will make you look like a pro, no matter what you get done on the day. Plus, there's also 4 oz of product last call for individuals that want to end the day with a little bit of fazed, this Philosophy Birthday Cake lip gloss is an unequaled substitute for a person searching for a Birthday Cake that is happy and spick and span. With a refreshing vanilla Cake flavor, Philosophy lip shine "rares" pick one new best flavored lip gloss provides a healthy smile throughout the day, the Philosophy Cake lipstick is a delicious, 8 oz shower gel that will make your day! The color is tbd, but it should be a bright, highlighter for your typeface. It's sure to make you look alexandra key-like, in the sun! This Cake is conjointly available in an 8 oz lip gloss, it will provide a little more hydration and a more intense, red look. It's a terrific way for the typically april fool's day-lovers.