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Revlon Super Natural Lip Gloss

Revlon Super Natural lip glosses are splendid solution for individuals who crave perfect, lustrous skin without any harsh chemicals, origin story: Revlon was founded in 1978 by dr. Joseph and his wife elizabeth, their first product was a soft cornmeal coated lip gloss called "bethlehem". In 1992, they introduced their first'? Sasha?! " and in 1994 they introduced their first product called "sweet pledge"? In between their product releases they also launched a series of other products like "serena" and "cranium", these products were all Natural and non paraben and had no harsh chemicals. They also made it very basic for customers to purchase their products online.

#215 Super Natural

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss Super Natural

Revlon Super lustrous lip gloss is a water based lip gloss that is designed to make you look more beautiful than ever before, this lustrous ice blue hue is prime for any complexion and will give you a beautiful glow. This gloss is additionally Natural to handle so you can keep your health at the forefront of your mind, this Revlon Super lustrous moisturizing lip gloss is designed to keep your lips wanting lustrous and radiant. The high-quality and exclusive product is top for people who are searching for a quick and straightforward substitute to give their look a touch of detailing, this product is again top-rated for enthusiasts who desiderate to give their lips a more radiant look. Revlon Super lustrous is a lustrous lip color that is sensational for a youthful look, this color is practical for girls who yearn for a more youthful look than just the everyday facade. Revlon Super Natural lip gloss is a matte, super-lulose-based gloss that does the job well, it makes your look better than ever, while still providing a little bit of sheen. Out the box, Revlon Super lustrous lip gloss provides a nice, Natural sheen.